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YesUMatter (YuM) is bringing yoga to America's children. With childhood obesity becoming an epidemic, YuM seeks to introduce youth to a healthy lifestyle through yoga and fitness with a free, community-oriented program.

Experts at the New England Journal of Medicine believe that childhood obesity is becoming so severe, American life expectancy - which has risen steadily over the last two hundred years - may soon level off or actually begin declining.

At YuM, we want to teach children that they are worth the effort it will take for them to change their lifestyles - and we can show them how through the fun practice of yoga.

Through free classes and programs in conjunction with local schools, YuM will bring confidence, improved health and a renewed sense of worth to children aged 10 to 18. The organization is launching its inaugural program in Savannah, Georgia and plans to grow to reach children in all 50 states.

Yoga helps adolescent youth develop physical fitness and embrace life with confidence, calm and clarity. They learn how to work with their bodies, thoughts, fears, feelings and questions to create coordination, grace, unity and harmony. They learn how to embody those qualities in the face of challenges and learn to use them 'off the mat', becoming able to respond to the issues in their lives with that same strength, flexibility and grace.

    Jeanne Seaver, Founder of YesUMatter

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