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Check out what the kids are saying about YuM!

"Yoga and meditation was a relieving and unstressful way to begin my day. It allowed me to focus on the day ahead of me and my intentions for a successful day."

"Yoga helps me to loosen up and relieve a lot of mental and physical stress. I can't wait to continue taking class and increasing my flexibility!"

"I feel rejuvenated and taller with more energy."

"After class I feel very relaxed and ready for the rest of my day."

"Yoga is my favorite part of the week!"

"I am relaxed from my head to my feet. Thank you for doing this for us!"

"Since doing yoga I have been much more focused on my school work."

"I wish we could do it for a longer period of time! It is very relaxing and peaceful. It makes my body feel good."

"I feel like a new person!"

"I love coming and trying new poses knowing that my teacher will be there for support"

"Yoga is very relaxing, which for a non-yoga body type like mine is refreshing."

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